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From a young age, I found myself being HOOKED on Winter weather, mainly, good ole fashion snow storms. When I was around 10 years old, I started actually calling all the weather centers on local news, and even reached out to a very famous meteorologist out in Chicago. I asked thousands of questions on where I can find the models, and how to read the charts, and ultimately – how to predict winter storms. It didn’t come easy, but through the years, I have become exceptionally accurate. I never went to college for weather, I am NOT a meteorologist. But I am extremely accurate. I will put my forecast up against anyone, which is  what I did, and why my page has become so well known in the Detroit Metro area – and even areas across the state.

In the fall of 2013, I decided to start a Facebook page as a hobby, just making my own forecasts and predictions. The 2014 snow storm Southeast Michigan got on Superbowl Sunday, is when my page went viral. Many people were only calling for 3″ to 6″ of snow, some 5″ to 9″ – ME, well, I predicted 12″ to 18″ of snow. I’ll never forget it, because at that time, i didn’t have many followers at all. So many people were laughing at me saying this and saying that. However, I got the last laugh, when we got exactly, area wide, 12″ to 18″ of snow. Currently, I am approaching 165,000 followers. My page that was once a hobby, is truly an addiction to not only myself, but for thousands of followers. That is when the name SnowFreaks was born. People love to know all the updates, and the facts, no guessing. Many LOVE the snow, and many FREAK about the snow. So there you have it, the story of how SnowFreaks was born.

I always have and always will put GOD #1! That will never change, and I feel that is the reason, I am who I am.


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Praying for the people in the Bahamas. So sad what is happening there.... Many have no way out. Just so awful!!!!

Looks like Florida will escape the worst of Dorian.... I am a bit concerned for extreme far eastern FL with heavy rains. More concerned with the Carolinas especially eastern NC Wednesday evening through Thursday with rainfall approaching a foot+ in areas!!! Going to be a very close call!

Prayers for all!

God Bless!
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Very sad! We just left south beach Miami this morning. We were suppose to leave last night but they cancelled our flight as we were boarding the plane. We rented an SUV and are almost back to the mitten. It was crazy seeing everything getting boarded up and removing all the chairs and shacks from the beach. Praying for everyone in Dorians path.

I’m getting updates from my family in Florida that didn’t evacuate.

Our son and his family are in the Jacksonville area🙏🏻

ThanK You

We just moved in January to Charleston, Sc from Michigan.

Good news...

Are you agreeing with the Farmers Almanac winter predictions 2019-2020 ???

Prayers for all affected and in its path! Especially those in the Bahamas. Praying no lives lost.


Prayers for all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Prayers for everyone

Sending lots of prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Praying for there to be no loss of lives with this storm.

So sad! Was just in the Bahamas this whole last week and even thinking about some of amazing people I met in the path of this hurricane makes my heart ache!

Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. I'm very worried about my son and family in Jacksonville, prayers for all those in the path of Dorian 🙏💖🙏❤

Prayers go out to all on east coast! I have family in Florida and SC and am worried about them all ! God be with them all.

🙏🙏 Prayers for all!!

We are praying for all! We have family in edge Florida, myrtle beach and NC. Heartbreaking the pictures coming out of Bahamas! 😢😢 🙏🏻

Thank you for this update!

Prayers are sent for all the family’s going thru the trauma

ENC is my second home and where my heart is. Florence had me glue to the weather channel 24/7. I was happy to originally see this wasn’t heading there. I’m really hoping it turns away!!!

Thank you, always look forward to your are the best. Take care, bless you.

Praying 🙏🙏🙏💞

The people will need a lot of help when all is done Praying for them

Praying 🙏🙏🙏 for everyone in Dorians path.

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1 month ago

SE Michigan SnowFreaks

Just another amazing thing they do at Weingartz!!!! So proud to have them as a sponsor!We love supporting local schools and teachers! Follow us, like/share this post, and drop your list in the comments. We will randomly pick 5 people on Friday August 23rd and purchase items to help them #clearthelistMI ... See MoreSee Less

Just another amazing thing they do at Weingartz!!!! So proud to have them as a sponsor!

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Kindergarten teachers thank you so much! Share with a link

My list may look different than a traditional classroom list, but that's because my classroom is different! I do my best to make my music room a safe space for kids to explore their creative sides, and get as many experiences playing instruments, singing, and moving to music as we can! Metro Detroit music teacher that would love any help big or small! #clearthelists #clearthelistsmichigan #support_a_teacher

Shared my list!

I would love to get these items for my little ones

This is AWESOME. I have been posting and tweeting for weeks. We get $0 classroom budget. I need help. Not only do we buy supplies for kids in need, we provide stability, love and support to kids. I teach growth mindset and mindfulness lessons, and need books and other supplies for my classroom. Any donations helps. THANK YOU if you can help, also share and re-post. <3

Two Electric pencil sharpeners; 40 headphones - that’s all for me! 😬 5/6 grades at Raisinville Elementary, Monroe Public Schools

i just last week bought a Stihl line trimmer from them.

Weingartz is the best

Melissa Gronzo Just making sure you see this!

Lapeer County Intermediate School drop your list in the comments

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Just think. Less than 3 months from now I will be checking long range models for snow chances!!!! 🤣 😂 😆 God Bless! ... See MoreSee Less

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Well earlier today we had hail in memphis

Oh great thanks for ruining someone's day. 🤯🥶 😎👍

Good. Bring it on.

I’m calling for SNOW! Oak Tree is prepping its acorn population!

As much as snow might be cool...let's enjoy the fall, Halloween and November leaf clean up. Oh, and outdoor Christmas lights up. Then BRING it!

Used the shovel today... to pick up grass clippings but I still used it😉😂

Have appreciated getting the weather all year. Thank you!!!! Well with the monthly.

God Bless You!

No thinking of that! Enjoying the sunshine to the max!

Yippee skipping. ❄️better than 95 degrees. Enjoy the rest of the summer snowfreak 💕

God Bless you!

Excellent work!

I saw my first flock of Blackbirds this season yesterday...

Way to put a damper on the day. Good work.

I can’t believe we’re at the end of the seventh month! And I still haven’t taken out my winter coat or boots out of my car, I guess I’ll just leave them there 🙂

Hope you are enjoying your summer

I don't want to hear that shenanigans yet. Even with allergies I'm soaking up every minute of this nice weather now that we finally got it

Hush with all that nonsense. Plenty of us enjoy this weather! You don't have to plow it, clean it or do anything other than enjoy it.

Good I can’t wait to go snowboarding! I’m looking at a new board as we speak😃

I know it’s coming but let’s enjoy what we have-don’t wish your life away, time goes too fast as it is

Hush! Summer just got here, let us enjoy it for a few days!a 😂🤣

Still wishing for climate change and wanting 85 sunny with palm trees and beaches in Michigan.

Really, you felt the need to share this in JULY 😩🤦🏼‍♀️

Katie King Talmadge 👀 I can’t wait to hear what you will know about this upcoming year 😆

I'll be outta Michigan this weekend... I'm not gonna miss the winters

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Happy 4th of July! Can you believe how fast it has came this year?!? At least to me anyways.... 3 more months we should see our first snow 😆 🤣 😂 ❄️ ⛄️

Watch out for some pop up storms in spots today!! HOT!

God Bless!
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I wish there was snow in the near future

Came up quick because Spring didn't get here until the end of June!!

I was just saying that, I can’t believe it’s July already!!! 😕😕

Happy 4th of July. Enjoy this weather we know the cold and snow will be coming

Omg, nooooo. I wish there was at least 6months of this beautiful summer weather

Enjoying the freedom we have today!

So nice to see this note from you. Happy 4th

Happy 4th Snowfreak!! Hope you and your family have the best day ever. God bless!!

I wish you and yours a relaxing and fun 4th of July

Thanks for the reminder, I think

Happy 4th everyone!

Happy 4th to ya, but no, just no on the snow!

Have a good one!

Happy HotFreak!!! 😁

I don’t want to hear another word about snow until November earliest.

Uggggg I'm still trying to get my hay down. PLEASE PLEASE SHUT OFF THE RAIN. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Putting my order in now, No snow this winter please!

We need that ran no snow to nov

After last winter we at least deserve a snow free December

As much as I like snow, let's save it for after Halloween - and please no dumpster fire of a December like last year and a couple others this decade. Enjoy your summer!!

You just had to bring up the dreaded s word!

Please do not say such bad words 😀 have a great 4th?

🤐 I'm deleting you until November 😂❤

After Thanksgiving, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Lol

Never experienced snow on October 4th

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Quick hitting strong storms in spots!! Heavy rain, hail, lightning and full sun 50 feet away!

Now I am going to try and find the GOLD!!!!
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Quick hitting strong storms in spots!! Heavy rain, hail, lightning and full sun 50 feet away!

Now I am going to try and find the GOLD!!!!

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Very strong winds in macomb

Here’s my jeep under the rainbow.

Hearing thunder right now!

Going through one now. 29 Mile & I 94

Aw that’s a great pic

This was in Hartland between 5-5:30pm

Is there Another round coming later???

Yep here too in Washington Twp

Looks like Waterford is on the track.

Thank you for the warning on Patreon! We got out of the pool and 5 minutes later, thunder.

When we have 3 days of rain, I imagine how much snow it would be.

Hit here...really FAST...windy..pouring rain..even looked misty for a its gone...had no idea ..came up so fast......whoa !!! Monroe ...

I missed the rainbow. Latest round northern Livingston co.

Go for it! At least it won't be hidden in snow, smile!

I finished planting 3 plants just in time for the first downpour. Perfect timing for new plants!

You and Mike from Mikes weather page should partner up, you guys would be unstoppable 😁 north & south

Its kind of hard to see the rainbow

Good luck ☘

Good photo.

Oh God I was just thinking about you today. Miss you

It just poured a bit in Clarkston but no rainbow for me

Someone posted the "gold" at the end of the rainbow - right into the golden butt-hole in Sterling Heights. 🤣🤣

We almost have a double in Howell

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3 months ago

SE Michigan SnowFreaks

Good info!!! Also, no snow for the 4th!!! So that’s good news!!! 🤣Throwing a Fourth of July party? Make sure your yard is ready with these tips.
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Good info!!! Also, no snow for the 4th!!! So that’s good news!!! 🤣

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After that winter, nothing would surprise me

Thanks but bet we could see rain☹️


we have all that cottonwood crap though

I MUST give a shout to to Tony Gazetti - Honest Auto Sales. I have had a lot of things going on as of late... Not only is he a sponsor for my Patreon page, he is one awesome human being!

I didn’t even have to leave my house! He literally did EVERYTHING!!!! He got me the car I wanted, beat every other dealership out there, and the best part.... Drove it to my home, signed the papers, and then took off! Easiest process I have ever had!

Tony, THANK YOU for not only saving me money, but for saving me time!

I will personally refer everyone I know to you!!

As far as the weather..... What a STRANGE spring!!! This weekend is looking rainy as well, however, models are still all over the place. Will update Patreon once the 00z short term data is in.

Happy Father’s day weekend to ALL you amazing Dad’s out there!

God Bless!!
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Happy Father's Day!!! 🙂

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day SF!!!

Happy Father's Day to you!

Tony Gazetti is the best.

I am afraid to complain about the colder weather, because it could turn HOT on a dime. It turned cold October 15 and never went back. I would rather have this weather with a little sweater than HOT HOT like we get in the summer. I am so done with the rain...but at least I don't have to turn my sprinklers on. lol

What is the web address so we can check this out

Famous last words Models are all over the place

Please tell the rain king to close the valve on June 29th. Ok? I have an outside event and it can't rain.

I know you don’t “control” the weather... but it’s mid June, and I’m in a sweater and pants? I teach ESL... I promised my Brazilian students that June would be “warm”... they’re asking questions I don’t have answers for...


Nikki Gazetti Kernen

We have a grad party today from 2-6. Is it really going to rain the entire time?!😡

What kind of car did you get?

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The current Patreon sponsors that are pinned are still my sponsors for this month. I have received a lot of good feedback and I am thrilled about it!

So thrilled that if you are on Patreon and support me, you may want to log on and check the most recent post! I know some of you have turned off notifications, so I wanted to make sure you saw this post so you can check it!

Thank you so much for the tremendous support and to my wonderful sponsors who have helped out so many already!

Yes, I am still doing updates at least 2 or 3 times a week. I am not going crazy 24/7 as I do with the snow, however, it seems many like how I have been doing this for the past couple months.

God Bless!
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I enjoy the updates throughout the year! More accurate than anyone else!

I really enjoy and love the post about weather during the week. Thanks a lot and keep it up. You ROCK

I appreciate you...thank you for posting what you do for those of us that can’t pay

You Rock!

You can look it up but he was more accurate in my opinion...

Are you doing summer storm tracking on the paid app?

Loving the app and the weekly updates!

YOU are the best !!

The best!

Will be back come November, right know, it's all about the H2O

The most accurate forecast around worth every penny.

Sorry, but I'm not paying for something I can just look at on a weather app. I did like your posts on here though.

You Rock Don’t change nothing .

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4 months ago

SE Michigan SnowFreaks

Lots of storms currently and we still may not be done with them, as some more could redevelop later this evening!

On a brighter note: 2 people have already received help on buying a home, actually one was a refinance and the other was their first home! Thank you Carolyn for working so hard 24/7 and with the huge breaks in costs and rates for all the followers of this page!!Has your lender gone home for the weekend???

Mortgage Applications going out on a Saturday! This market is too hot to not be working weekends! 🏡

I’m available this weekend if you need a pre-approval! 💲
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Lots of storms currently and we still may not be done with them, as some more could redevelop later this evening! 

On a brighter note: 2 people have already received help on buying a home, actually one was a refinance and the other was their first home! Thank you Carolyn for working so hard 24/7 and with the huge breaks in costs and rates for all the followers of this page!!

Comment on Facebook

Thank you for the to hear about the help Carolyn is able to give your followers 👍

I totally thought I was going to get a snow cast from you... glad I was wrong 😂😂

When I saw your post I thought it might be a snowcast. It certainly is cold enough next to the lake in the thumb.

Could have led in to it like this, "home destroyed by severe weather? Let... help you get in to a new home of your dreams."

Is this a real estate page or weather? ..unfollow

Aren't you cute❤

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4 months ago

SE Michigan SnowFreaks

Love how they do this every Wednesday! #TeamWeingartz

As far as the weather! Let’s hope we finally see consistency in warmer temps and more sun in June!!!!!

God Bless!

Also. Only 4 more months until we usually see our first snow! 🤣 😂 😆
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Comment on Facebook

Oh my the S—w word Ugg!

Summer please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Looking forward to a winter with lots of snow.

I’m in Scotland right now. They have snow on the mountain and hill tops. 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❄️

It better be a HOT summer 🌞 before we see more snow! 😁

4 months is September 28th, never seen snow in September and maybe once or twice in October. How bout we say 5 and a half months?


4 months. 😂😂😂

Funny guy!

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Sunday update

I hope everyone had a great Saturday! Looks like most of the heavy stuff indeed came through between 6 and 8! Lots of high winds and power outages all over the place…..

Big storms and rain. 7/20/19

Good Saturday! Looking over the brand new 12z data, I believe most of the storms will be from 4PM to 9PM! Some of these may be severe with extremely heavy rain , gusty winds and even hail! Peak time if I had to give my best guess would be from 6PM to 8PM. Very close...

7/16. Update for Wednesday

Some areas have been getting hit very hard with showers and storms, very heavy rain! Still could see scattered showers and storms through the night. The good news is, it appears most of this will be out of here between 8 and 10 AM tomorrow morning. We may even see the...