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From a young age, I found myself being HOOKED on Winter weather, mainly, good ole fashion snow storms. When I was around 10 years old, I started actually calling all the weather centers on local news, and even reached out to a very famous meteorologist out in Chicago. I asked thousands of questions on where I can find the models, and how to read the charts, and ultimately – how to predict winter storms. It didn’t come easy, but through the years, I have become exceptionally accurate. I never went to college for weather, I am NOT a meteorologist. But I am extremely accurate. I will put my forecast up against anyone, which is  what I did, and why my page has become so well known in the Detroit Metro area – and even areas across the state.

In the fall of 2013, I decided to start a Facebook page as a hobby, just making my own forecasts and predictions. The 2014 snow storm Southeast Michigan got on Superbowl Sunday, is when my page went viral. Many people were only calling for 3″ to 6″ of snow, some 5″ to 9″ – ME, well, I predicted 12″ to 18″ of snow. I’ll never forget it, because at that time, i didn’t have many followers at all. So many people were laughing at me saying this and saying that. However, I got the last laugh, when we got exactly, area wide, 12″ to 18″ of snow. Currently, I am approaching 165,000 followers. My page that was once a hobby, is truly an addiction to not only myself, but for thousands of followers. That is when the name SnowFreaks was born. People love to know all the updates, and the facts, no guessing. Many LOVE the snow, and many FREAK about the snow. So there you have it, the story of how SnowFreaks was born.

I always have and always will put GOD #1! That will never change, and I feel that is the reason, I am who I am.


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Just starting to snow here in Washington Twp!!!!!! SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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Very light dusting in Goodrich at 1am! Bring it on! I want to see a lot of snow when I wake up

Snow in South Warren (9 & Hoover). Plus just had Thunder Snow!!!!

Snowing pretty good I Troy.

Belleville has about 1 inch...snowing hard!!

There's a decent dusting in Eastpointe!

Picking up in Taylor. At least an inch already

Just started in St Clair Shores as well...

Nothing in Sterling heights as of yet

Starters in Livonia about 11:45

Started in Emmett about 1:30a everything is covered and windy too

It’s been snowing in Wixom - Oakland county like crazy for the past 1 & 1/2 hours.....

Snowing in lake Orion!

Yes, just started in Shelby Twp!

Concrete is covered in Clawson 💗

Snowing in Waterford Twp.

Snowflakes just started in Waterford

Snowing heavy in Grosse pointe woods

Coming down steady in Grand Blanc! ❄

Snowing good and steady in Rochester

Snowing in Monroe since about 11 or so

2 inches in Monroe already.

Hasn’t gotten to 32 mile yet 😂🤷‍♂️

I am like a kid the night before Christmas. I just woke up to see if we had any snow. Finally we have snow in Troy. 💙❄️💙

Just looked outside and no snow yet in Shelby Township

Adrian , lenawee county started about 945

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Looks like parts of Monroe, Washtenaw, and Livingston counties are seeing some snow, some areas very heavy snow. Is the radar telling me the truth this time!?? Ann Arbor area specifically... ... See MoreSee Less

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Dexter, just west of ann arbor. Just started snowing about an hour ago.

I am on western edge of ypsi near washtenaw wayne border and snow is coming down steady roads and grass have over an inch already and doesn't look like it is letting up anytime soon nice steady pace at this point nothing too heavy just slow and steady and adding up

Definately snowing in Ypsilanti Township. Roads and sidewalks covered but not grass yet.

Snowing in Ann Arbor!

I-94 and Baker rd. Probably an inch by now. Coming down for about an hour. We are considered West Ann Arbor.

Brighton, Michigan at 11:57 pm

Commerce - northwest end. Just came in and flurries are starting, dusting of snow on the roads.

Just a real light dusting in the last half hour in Van Buren Twp/ Belleville.

I think we’ve got 2” already in Adrian. Coming down pretty steady.

Canton, started about 15 minutes ago, coming down at a good rate

Northville is getting flurries and wind.

Coming down quick in Farmington Hills, close to 3” on the ground already

Snowing in Westland- about 1/2” so far

It's coming down pretty good in Dundee. It's been snowing since around 10:45 and covered everything pretty quick.

Pinckney is getting some snow, it is coming down pretty good. Can’t see the roads.

Hamburg Township (just north of Ann Arbor)

Definitely coming down in west Ann Arbor!

Northville has light dusting

Just started just west of the washtenaw/wayne County line

We have about 2 inches here in New Hudson right at the Brighton border

Coming down steady in Livonia!

Ann Arbor has approx 3.5in” right now

Coming down fast in Ann Arbor!

Coming down hard in canton

Hamburg township we have a dusting

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Snow is moving in west to east now! May have a little break but will continue through the morning for most!

Feel free to post location, conditions, and any pics if you want here.

Have the best night ever SnowFreaks!!

God Bless!!
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It's been snowing almost an hour now in Tecumseh

In the course of ten minutes, our sidewalk went from being bare to completely covered in snow in Tipton!

Southern Ingham County, 10:30ish

We're in Grand Rapids for the night. Already about 1" snowing since 730

Just windy and cold in Norrh Branch at 11:24pm.

Just started in Grand Blanc. Very windy and the snow is coming down pretty good. Roads already covered in minutes!❤️❄️⛄️❄️

No snow yet in Shelby Twp, 25 & Jewel.

2 inches in Manitou beach 11:30 pm Friday night in Just 2 hrs

Coming down good and steady 127 just north of 34.

312 feet of snow already fallen in auburn hills!!

No snow yet! Where W. Bloomfield, Waterford Twp., Commerce and White Lake Twp. borders meet.

Snowing in Portland! ❄️

No snow in Glen Arbor yet. Come on and let it snow!❄❄❄❄We want to 🏂⛷

Snowing good in Brooklyn.. boyfriend on his way home from work in tecumseh going a whopping 30mph roads are non existent

Finally coming down pretty hard in East Lansing! Streets are already covered.

Finally started in Howell. Getting ready to fire up the sled!

Just starting to come down in Trenton (kinda blowing sideways) but nothing on the ground as of 5 minutes ago.

Absolutely nothing in St. Clair Shores currently...radar shows the snow starting in two hours ⛄⛄

2 inches already at 94 & 69 interchange in Marshall ! Looking like this storm will actually happen!!!

North of Lansing....heavy wet snow. Dense. Whiteout conditions on 127 heading north

Snowing in Tecumseh

11:30 pm and we have snow south of Ann Arbor.

Grass is covered in Allen. 10:39

Snowing in Toledo now, started around 10:15pm

Very light in Perry ❄️❤️

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My Patreon sponsors are awesome!!!

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Thank you so much for your generosity!!!

Check them out!!!!

Patreon members, he is doing the same contest on there as well!!! So you get 2 chances 🤣.

Let it snow!!!!!!!!! SnowFreaks!!!!!!!!!!

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Please don’t post here as it doesn’t count. Only his post. Thank you!


Having problems with the app. I’m not getting the latest news until it’s over. Any help??

Can’t wait for this weekend. We are wayyyy overdue for snow. Hope it’s a good one. Bring it on!!

can you contact me. I change passwords and now when I try to log in it just takes me to the sign up page. very frustrated with this patreon thing

3.8 inches. 😍



















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Some Patreon members are not getting alerts.......

They are working on this quickly!

Until then I will let you know on here when I post to be safe!

Watch out right now for some heavy snow bands taking shape as I mentioned yesterday in spots. Be careful out there if driving as it can make the roads bad, quickly!!!

God Bless!
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Garden City, the ground is covered and it's really snowing now, so excited it will be hard to sleep!

I am one that is not getting alerts. I’m happy it’s being worked on cuz I hate missing one of your posts. You are the best!

I had to log out of the app and log back in. Notifications came back on

I haven't been getting alerts. BUT just got alerted for the last one posted..YAY

Snow here in north Sterling Heights!!

I’ve never had a problem with notifications...I get one on my phone as well as in my email

Snow in macomb Michigan

Light snow in White Lake

Auburn Hills roads were slick an hour ago

Nothing to the south?

I-69 in Genesee county is stopped! Slow down people!

Clarkston roads are slick now and it’s still coming down

Light and eastward blowing snow, Riley, 4 miles south of I-69. 3:30pm

Very light dusting and an occasional flurry in Goodrich

Snow tapering off in Mt Clemens

Snowing on Lake Orion

It’s bad in Oxford

No alerts here

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Watch out for some snow showers in areas later on this evening through tomorrow. Scattered in nature!

Saturday? Well, you may want to find the shovels and gas up those blowers !!! Still roughly 60 hours away. But things may get real interesting.

Patreon members that aren’t getting alerts, I did post on there. I sent a request to have them look into the issue.

Have a great day and God Bless!!


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We'll see what happens. Weather Channel calling for anywhere from 5-8 in my area for Saturday. Yet I check several other sources and its low 40s, rain and light snow accumulation nowhere near the projections. So, again, we'll see.

Since the snow storm in the morning will turn to rain by afternoon and continue until evening, the snow won't last 😒

I love our winter so far, mild temps and no snow - PLEASE keep it away, I bet we get nothing!

I’m happy to say I get all your notifications on Patreon, maybe it’s a setting off in some people’s phones

This one will actually happen because my son's won tickets to the Red Wing game on Saturday night.

I hope we get a lot! Lol

I need 5 or more inches to break out the tractor.. doesn’t she just look bored with all this rain?

Don’t believe you crazy weathermen anymore! I’ll believe snow when I see it 😅😂

Does the app give forecasts for Toledo?

I'm a member but it wont log me in??

Stephanie L. Waibel for travel day

Whitney M. Godfrey bring snow pants and boots 😂

24” of snow is way more fun than 2” of rain..

You mean to tell me that I might actually get to use the snow pants I bought when it snowed last time and I wasn't prepared!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Thank you for keeping us posted.

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I need you to give me the truth 🤣🤣🤣 you’re the only one I trust ☺️

Going to be in Kalamazoo this weekend. What can I expect? Thanks

Bring on the snow!!! ❄❄❄

It will be rain Saturday

We pay, but seems all facebook peeps get information

Snow day please!!!!!!

Bring it!!! About time

Are you just hyping us up? For real, don’t t being me up to let me down. I want snow so bad!!!!!!!!

Track north please

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The amount of ice building up here in northern Macomb county is impressive this past hour! Many of you are seeing an icy mix or snow. If not, you will be shortly!

Wish this could’ve have happened tomorrow night to give the teachers and kids a 3 day weekend !! Who knows, maybe some will be off on Monday still with these cold temps and back roads 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

Please be safe out there now and tomorrow morning especially!

Good night and God Bless!
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The roads are horrific all over. Farmington, Warren, Madison Heights, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Macomb everywhere. Be safe.

Just got home. Drove from ron 18 & Garfield to Goodells and the roads are very dangerous. I am a seasoned driver with AWD so I did ok but its blowing and icy out there!!

My porch is turning into solid ice right now. Freezing rain. No snow...yet. 31 degrees. St Clair county (Port Huron)

Ice washington. This was taken 45 min ago and its still coming down.

Heavy freezing rain here hitting the windows. It's white outside on the roofs and streets from it. No snow yet. Sterling Heights.

1:15 am in Eastpointe Sleet pelting the windows in waves

Snapped top of post and power line over car. 1 foot flames shooting out the top of post.

I can't sleep. We have friends leaving for the airport at like 4 am. (from 25 and Romeo Plank) I hope that they can make it.

Just came in driving from Hayes to mound .freezing rain

Pontiac back and fourth w / rain & freezing rain and have a decent layer of ice already ... 32 degrees now ...

Farmington Hills

It’s 1:50 am in Clinton twp and it’s steadily hitting the widows. Think I will pass on church tomorrow. My son delayed going to svsu I’m sat until Noonish (today)

For years kids have delighted in snow days. No hard feelings. Of course everyone in concerned for the safety of people driving in this.

The freezing rain is hitting PH solid now for the last hr, it's windy and been raining since yesterday , Temps are 31

Can hear the freezing rain hitting the windows. Sub looks slick in Chesterfield.

Freezing rain here in New Hudson...right on the border of Brighton. It has been doing this for about 2 hours now

Thank you for all you do, and all the updates! 😊

Sleet and rain in Lexington mi.

Nothing here in Warren. Just rain. Been just rain since yesterday.

Sleet and freezing rain in roseville

Freezing rain and snow mix here in Romulus

Anybody out and around Lenawee and Washtenaw counties?

2:00 am still sleeting heavily. It’s coating everything now.


Ice is definitely building up here in Shelby Twp/Utica! That freezing rain is coming down harder now!

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Snow, sleet, or freezing rain in Hartland area? Looks heavy! A huge icy mix with some snow here in Washington.... ... See MoreSee Less

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I can hear the icy mess hitting my windows and skylights. West side of the proving grounds in Brighton Twp/Milford

Freezing rain at Middlebelt & 6 Mile in Livonia. Trucks & driveway are already a sheet of ice!

Freezing rain in Chesterfield. I-94 very slick and ice covered. Stay in if you don’t have to go out! Be safe everyone.

Freezing rain has just transitioned into sleet in the West end of Armada. We’ve got a healthy coating of ice out there. I surely won’t be opening my car in the morning without a chisel.

In Allenton just 5 miles south of 69 off capac road and it is freezing rain AND sleeting at the same time with blowing wind!!!

I can hear freezing rain hitting the windows here, too. Chesterfield!

Rochester hills (northern Roch Rd) sleet/freeze rain and wind really picked up. Time: 0033

Freezing rain & 32 degrees in southern Clinton Township. No sleet, just moderately heavy freezing rain.

Sleet in Macomb Township! I can hear it!

I’m listening to sleet right now on our windows in Westland!

In Flint we ended up with tons of rain (2.4 inches) then it turned into sleet which we got for hours and finally snow.

Freezing rain in berkley hitting the windows - keeping me up!

Freezing rain and 30 degrees in Washington Twp

Flint MI. Now it’s snowing after raining all day

In Jackson for the night. Freezing rain, snow Mia and wind is strong

Sleet/Freezing Rain in Clinton Twp. 12:15am

Rain and mix of sleet in Redford right now.

Sleet for sure in Hartland Township. Can hear it on the windows.

Just drove from Macomb Twp. to Shelby. Sleeting.

Freezing rain M59 and Romeo Plank.

Heavy sleet in Hartland!

Driving on 96 near Kensington park. Sleet and freezing eain. 29 degrees

Sleet/rain off & on in Canton.

Freezing rain in Taylor!

Freezing rain & sleet in Attica...

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Just a reminder. Could save someone’s life.

If it is raining, and your temp gauge says 32° or lower, pleaseeeeeee slow down! That is freezing rain. It’s the most dangerous!

These temps are really going to drop fast overnight and even if they seem fine, you may all of a sudden hit an icy patch!!!

Roads will be bad for many areas early AM!
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32° snowing with blustery howling winds at 1:30 am in Petersburg, Monroe county.

Down to 32 in Roseville, and freezing rain can hear it hitting the window, radar confirms 😡😢

Freezing rain in Troy at 12:01

Y'all stay safe. Prayers from Florida

Jackson 29 degrees and we can hear that classic “tink tink tink” on the windows.

Livingston county has been getting ice for over an hour now everything is covered.

Roads were getting slick in Rochester around 10pm

Reese power outage!!!!!


Sarah Marie

And hydroplaning is very real with all the rain!

2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, ICE DOESNT CARE

My entire sidewalk is ICE (Brighton). Be careful on the roads!!!

Changing over in northern Monroe 32 degrees. I just went to leave for lunch at work and my car was covered in ice.

studded tires baby!!!

Traffic is moving at quite a clip on M59 between Highland and Hartland at 10:50 pm. 😬

Freezing rain in Livonia

Thank you good advice please heed it people.

So, on a serious note...what are my chances for a snow day on Monday??🤣

A lot of accidents coming over scanner in Livingston Co.

Freezing rain/sleet. 19 Mile and van dyke freeway overpass

My gauge said 37 and it was icing like crazy.

Wixom badddd

Jimmy Arnold 😬

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What is going on in Wayne, Monroe, Lenawee, Washtenaw, and southern half of Macomb county. Temp as well if you have an accurate one. Thanks everyone! This really helps so many people out who are out there or need to get somewhere. ... See MoreSee Less

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Between 75 and 24 and Joslyn ... A good 1\8 inch of ice

On my way home from Toledo. This picture was taken near Flatrock. Raining

33 in Ypsi. Just drove 94 and Michigan Ave home to Canton, where it’s also 32. Rain and flooding. Ditches and Ford Lake are super high! Roads were fine!

Plymouth township and ice is starting to form on my gutters, truck windows, outdoor equipment

Rainy and windy and 33° on Harsens Island... my beach is ok but the rest of the island...

Drove from Clinton Township 34 degrees and rain to Rochester Hills 32 degrees and sleet.

12:17 am. Freezing rain/sleet in Rochester Hills. Cars had frozen rain on them, 1/2 HR ago but roads were fine.

34 degrees with light to moderate rain in Taylor (Wayne County)

It’s changed to freezing rain in Ann Arbor, you can hear the difference. It’s 11:20.

Shelby Township, 21 & Schoenherr light rain.

35 in St. Clair Shores , no rain currently, flooding receding slightly

Raining in Harrison Twp 33*

33 in Roseville, some rain in the area, wondering if we won’t see snow afterwards.

Light rain and 32 on the Madison Heights/Warren border. Just got home and the roads were fine, no ice.

Border of Washtenaw/Livingston County- 32 and rain/freezing rain

36° and light rain in Belleville.

34 and raining in South Warren

Washtenaw/ Hamburg township 33 and sleeting

Dropped from 32 in Novi to 30 in South Lyon on our drive home. Starting to ice on the cars

Light rain and 35 in Petersburg/Monroe County.

Tecumseh, rain at 34 degrees

Saint Clair Shores concrete surface temp is 35. No precip falling at the moment

34 light mist in Roseville area

Which State isn't undergoing some type of severe weather

Just rain in ypsilanti right now temps starting to drop though

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Sunday update

I hope everyone had a great Saturday! Looks like most of the heavy stuff indeed came through between 6 and 8! Lots of high winds and power outages all over the place…..

Big storms and rain. 7/20/19

Good Saturday! Looking over the brand new 12z data, I believe most of the storms will be from 4PM to 9PM! Some of these may be severe with extremely heavy rain , gusty winds and even hail! Peak time if I had to give my best guess would be from 6PM to 8PM. Very close...

7/16. Update for Wednesday

Some areas have been getting hit very hard with showers and storms, very heavy rain! Still could see scattered showers and storms through the night. The good news is, it appears most of this will be out of here between 8 and 10 AM tomorrow morning. We may even see the...